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Why is crabbing like finding the right set of tyres?

Peel Tyres and Mandurah's Annual Crab Fest

Yes, it is fair to say that putting the wrong size tyres on your car could get you into serious trouble. When it comes to tyres, size is everything. The manufacturer of your car has gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to match and balance the tyres and suspension so everything will perform at its optimum level.
The tyre also has to be matched with the correct rim and run at the correct pressure. Peel Tyre Service has been operating for 21 years and sets a very high standard. We have a dedicated team of specialist tyre fitters and aside from ensuring you are getting the right size; a big emphasis is also having them fitted in the shortest time possible.
Peel Tyre Service are again looking forward to Mandurah’s annual crab fest on March 16th and 17th. On Saturdays we are open until 12 noon, so on your way to the fest, don’t forget to call in for a free tyre inspection.