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It PAYS to shop at Peel Tyre Service

Ladies Happy Hour with Peel Tyre Service

February was such a busy month!

We ran a FREE competition to which five lucky customers won $100.00 each, just for shopping at Peel Tyre Service.

Here are our winners:

1. Mr O’Loughlin 2. Sheree Watt 3. Chris Norris 4. Mandy Ryan 5. Rochelle Jolley

Thank you to every customer that continues to support Peel Tyre Service.

For the month of March, we would like to promote our Ladies Happy Hour charity. Currently we have over two hundred local ladies who regularly use this service. They visit our store in the first trading hour of each day Mon – Fri 8am to 9am.

We have a pink card to which we record the vehicle checks and a hand written register to where ladies record their visits. It costs just $5.00 per visit and the whole $5.00 is donated to the Cancer Council of WA. It has now been fifteen years since we began Ladies Happy Hour, and it continues to be successful.