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Peel Tyre Service Wins Business Excellence Award

Peel Tyre Service recently won the 2017 Business Excellence award, presented by the Alcoa Peel Chamber of Commerce Awards. We are thrilled to receive this accolade and look forward to providing the same excellent service in the future.
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See why Mitzi gets “tyred”!

At Peel Tyre Service, we care about your safety, but we also understand that everyone needs tyres that give a smooth, comfortable ride. No one wants their rubber so hard that the car rattles and you feel every dip and bump in the road. At Peel Tyre Service we sell the brands that our customers require, request and prefer. We are an independent tyre store, so we do not push particular products. Mitzi our tradie puppy sure has settled in well and her skills are improving although sometimes she does get a little “tyred”.
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Peel Tyre Service – There is no other store like it!

Peel Tyre Service is undoubtedly the most equipped Tyre Store in Mandurah, and can cater for everything from wheel barrow and trolley tyres, to earthmover, buses, trucks and tractors. No matter how modern or how old your vehicle is, Peel Tyre Service can help you.
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Introducing our newest staff member

Mitzi is our newest staff member and we are excited to have her on board. This very inquisitive girl is a real hit with our staff already, and she is looking forward to getting to know all our loyal customers. Peel Tyre Service has always been different from every other tyre store in our region, and our unique love for four legged friends is no surprise.
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Robyn features in MTA WA cover story!

Robyn is very excited to have recently been featured in the latest Motor Trades Association WA motoring magazine, with the cover story of “Women in automotive: power and possibilities”. The article celebrates entrepreneurial women and their emerging force of taking the lead position in their own businesses.
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Look what’s new at Peel Tyre Service!

At Peel Tyre Service, we are excited because we have just installed the latest Beissbath MS 650 IT, tyre changing machine. Known as a tecnoroller NG device, this clever new piece of equipment has been designed with the latest German technology and can cater for the largest of wheel sizes.
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